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Americana Highways Review of Shine

Apr 21 | Posted by: AC Team

Ana Cristina Cash Offers Up An Exciting Brew Of Jazz And Country With “Shine”

On her new album Shine (Avondale Records) singer/ songwriter Ana Cristina Cash delivers a distinctive mix of jazz and country songs quite unlike anything else in recent memory. Produced by her husband John Carter Cash (son of Johnny and June Carter Cash), the album swings back and forth between the two genres and stands as a testament to both Cash’s smooth and powerful voice, which sounds like a cross between Carrie Underwood and Diana Krall, and to her sizable songwriting skills.

On the album, Cash garners a full songwriting credit on one of the songs and co-songwriting credits on 11 other tracks, most notably on “Brand New Pair of Shoes”, a song on which she shares the credit with her late father-in-law. Taking the lyrics once penned by The Man in Black, she fashions the song into a jazz-inspired number that would have made the singer of “Ring of Fire” proud. 

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